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Multi Purpose Antibacterial Organizing Mesh Bag

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  • Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Organizing Mesh Bag—The Best Way to Dry Your Makeup Brushes After Every Cleanse

    The antibacterial mesh bag offers a sanitary option for drying freshly cleansed makeup brushes and applicators. Its large size(20"x20") is able to accommodate a large number of brushes. Make this dreaded process a little bit easier by being organized and taking up less space in your bathroom. The unique design allows brushes to dry more quickly than the typical "drying flat on a towel" method. This Mesh Bag is also great for on-the-go Makeup Artists that need a place to keep used and clean makeup brushes separated for sanitary reasons. The large suction cups will adhere to most flat surfaces (including mirrors) perfect for on-site Makeup gigs! The mesh see-through design lets you easily see everything you packed at a quick glance.

    Keep your bath time fun and safe from germs!

    This item also houses all of the bath toys that keep your kids in check while bathing them. It is antibacterial in nature and ensures that all your bath toys are sterile, so you don't have to bathe those too! This organizer features heavy-duty suction cups ensuring safety. The suction cups will stick to all flat textured surfaces. This shower organizer is a perfect gift for expectant mothers, upcoming and young families! Organizing bins are a thing of the past compared to the shower organizer. Dark damp places are dangerous for your children's bath toys! Germs and bacteria thrive in those kinds of places! Not only does this organizer keep toys new and sterile but it also saves a lot of time cleaning and drying them. The material is of very high quality and is durable and safe for all children. Never worry about odors or bacterial clinging to this organizer.

    Great for Drying Pool Toys and Swimwear!

    Make life easier with an easy solution to drying swimwear. The last thing you need is chlorine or saltwater drenched clothes/swimwear lying around the bathroom. Hang MintPear’s antibacterial mesh bag in your Pool House, Guest House or Bathroom to prevent mold and bacteria issues.

    Satisfaction guaranteed!

    If you are not completely satisfied with your new shower organizer we will send you your money back. Guaranteed.

    Buy now for a fun, organized, and great smelling bathroom!