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Rita Almusa is an experienced and trusted skin care expert and Master Esthetician loved by the MintPear Community, editors, bloggers and skincare lovers everywhere. MintPear Beauty Products are in over 3 million Households (in the United States alone)!

"If you are wanting to look a lot younger and actually love your skin, without undergoing major, costly, medical treatments, MintPear Skincare is absolutely the solution you've been waiting for. With simply a few products a day, I'm confident, you can have the skin of your dreams." - Rita Almusa 


Rita Almusa, Master Esthetician and Co Founder of her Leaping Bunny Certified Beauty Company, knows that great skin requires consistency and a personalized regimen. Rita's 10+ years of hands-on experience as a Master Esthetician and trusted skin care expert, has dedicated her life to finding clinically proven solutions. MintPear Products are custom formulated with patented ingredients. Rita is determined to get proven results for even the most difficult skin conditions. Read more about her sought-after line of products. Check out Rita's Personal Skin Routine here!

"For Rita Almusa, master esthetician and longtime skincare aficionado, motherhood was the catalyst behind her clean beauty brand, MintPear. By using high concentrations of organic ingredients, their clean-meets-chemistry approach is one you and your skin can feel good about." - Modern Luxury Magazine


Are you dealing with adult acne, fine lines or wrinkles? Do you have years of sun damage to repair? Do you want to improve the texture of your skin? Is your skin dull and tired looking? MintPear has the perfect skin care solution specifically designed for you. 


Rita is passionately driven to inspire and motivate women around the world to have the confidence to be themselves, live their dreams and pursue their goals. "If you can dream it, you can do it."

It's important for Rita to connect directly with her MintPear community. If you have any questions about what products will be best for your skin, or the best routine to use them, simply email Rita directly Rita@mintpear.com. 

Giving women everywhere the confidence to live a happier life with beautiful skin:

" Using this product the redness nearly DISAPPEARS by the NEXT DAY! I cannot say enough good things about this product, but having the confidence to go to my professional job with just a little spot concealer after years of makeup speaks for itself, do you think?"- Michaela (Verified Review) 

"...this product is great and makes me want to try them all.....and the owner/inventor is so great with her service and any assistance you could need...truly a complete product experience!!!" - SG (Verified Review)

"Excellent Customer Service. I'm already in love with the Vitamen C Serum and my all over experience very satisfying. Mint Pear customer service was second to none. I initially had a problem, but my concerns were address immediately and my problem resolved just as fast, very consumer friendly. I definitely will buy from this site again." - Patricia (Verified Review)

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