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MP-7™ - MintPear's Custom Formulated, Patented and Proprietary Ingredients.
(Found in our Collagen Serum and C Your Youth Serum)
Young skin is supple, firm and elastic; beautiful!  Several daily events can destroy the balance and harmony in our skin which causes our skin to age prematurely.  Environmental effects like Chemicals, Diet, Preservatives, Cold, Pollution, Sunlight, Stress, Hormones and Medicines disrupt the collagen building process and directly damage the healthy collagen in our skin. Our skin naturally loses elasticity and suppleness as we age as well. Enzymes degrade collagen and elastin in our skin along with aging.  Aging usually means less collagens and elastin production which leads to less energy to repair skin.  
MP-7™ is MintPear’s new proprietary cosmeceutical active-ingredient.  MP-7™ is the best ‘needle-free’ collagen and elastin filler on the market.  MP-7™ is created by a patented, green-chemistry process. MP-7™ contains a safe and pre-activated source of energy for skin which is used to feed aging cells. To reactivate collagens and elastin production, MP-7™ also incorporates the power of Essential Amino Acids and Copper. Amino Acids (specifically Proline and Lysine) play a major role in the production of collagens and elastin that the body is not able to produce by itself. Additionally, Copper also reactivates the correct skin chemistry which is needed to produce collagens and elastin. MP-7™ shows high clinical efficacy within 15 days resulting in visible reduction of deep wrinkles and improvement of skin firmness. MP-7™ is the best solution to create youthful skin. MP-7™ also targets mature skin issues.
The efficiency of MP-7™ was evaluated in a double-blind test, versus a placebo, under dermatological control.  Here are the results from MP-7™: (1) Fibroblast, (2) Collagen and (3) Elastin testing.
 Clinical ‘in vitro’ Fibroblast testing demonstrates that MP-7™ dramatically increases the vitality of both young and aged fibroblasts within 3 days. Aged fibroblasts are enabled to function properly again. Additional ‘in vitro’ testing of MP-7™ was also conducted on the production of Collagen. MP-7™ is proven to increase the synthesis of Pro-collagen. Aged fibroblasts show an even better ratio of production compared to young fibroblasts.
‘Ex vivo’ testing on the production of total Collagen with MP-7™ were evaluated on skin explants from a 74 years old donor. Clinical results show that MP-7™ incredibly increases the quantity of total collagen by 6.8% in 11 days. MP-7™ significantly increases collagen I and collagen III synthesis by +179% and +194% respectively after 11 days, versus untreated. MP-7™ significantly increases collagen density by 7.5 times and improves the anisotropy index by 25 times compared to placebo after only 15 days.The results are confirmed after 2 months of treatment.
‘Ex vivo’ testing of the production of Elastin with MP-7™ were also evaluated on skin explants from a 74 years old donor. MP-7™ significantly increases tropo-elastin and elastin production by +57% and +190% respectively after 11 days, versus untreated. Fast improvement of firmness and elasticity were proven. MP-7™ increases firmness by 13 times and increases elasticity by 1.6 times in only 15 days. These improvements of skin parameters are sustained after 2 months of treatment. MP-7™ skin is smooth and wrinkles are visibly reduced after only 15 days of treatment.  
MP-7™ delivers equivalent results to one injection of collagen filler in just 2 weeks: -15% of wrinkles reduction.
(source American Society of Plastic Surgeons - 2013).
MP-7™ Visibly Reduces Deep Wrinkles (in 15 days).
MP-7™ Increases Collagen Synthesis (by 170%).
MP-7™ Reduces Wrinkles Depth (by 15%) (in 15 days).
MP-7™ Increases Elastin Production by 57% (in less than two weeks).
MP-7™ Reduces Wrinkles Volume (by 13%) (in 15 days).
MP-7™ Increases Fibroblast Vitality (within 72 Hours).
MP-7™ Smooths Skin (after only 15 days).
MP-7™ Increases Total Collagen 6.8% (in less than two weeks).
MP-7™ Improves Skin Firmness (in 15 Days).
MP-7™ Increases Collagen Density 7.5 times (in 15 days).
MP-7™ Is an Anti-Aging Young Collagen Booster.
MP-7™ Increases Skin Firmness 13 times (in only 15 days).
MP-7™ Firms Skin.  Instant Anti-Wrinkle.
MP-7™ Increases Elasticity (by 1.6 times) (in only 15 days)
MP-7™ Re-Densifies Skin.  Anti-Worry-Line.
MP-7™ Energizes Skin.  Anti-Crows-Feet.


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