Flat Top Kabuki - Foundation & Blending Brush

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  • Flat Top Kabuki - Foundation and Blending Brush

    The one brush that can replace life!

    • Use to apply or blend: foundation, concealer, contour, blush, bronzer, and powder.
    • Achieve a flawless airbrush application effortlessly.
    • Easily apply and blend your foundation like a professional makeup artist.
    • Buff product into the skin without creases or lines for an all-day look.
    • Save product with our super dense bristles designed to prevent over absorption of product into the brush.
    • Prevent aging, by pulling and tugging on the skin when you apply with your hands.
    • Keep it clean! Using our Flat Kabuki Brush keeps your hands clean and prevents spreading bacteria from your hands to your face.

    MintPear Flat Top Kabuki Brush features dense Vegan bristles that create the perfect flawless finish for buffing, stippling, and blending liquid makeup, powder, bronzer, blush or mineral cosmetics. This brush will help you create the most beautiful you possible! This must-have is ideal for flawlessly blending powder for a perfect finish. MintPear’s ultra-soft cruelty-free brush is hand-cut to smoothly buff for custom coverage.

    This brush features premium quality copper ferrule, which is a must for maximum durability. With a simple sweep, camouflage common skin issues like rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes. Dampen bristles for a more sheer application. Use brush wet or dry. To start, dab top of brush in a small amount of foundation. Gently glide color starting in the middle of the face working outward towards the hairline. Use long and short strokes to cover the entire face and prevent streaks.

    This game-changing makeup brush allows you to create a perfect complexion in less time and the dense bristles prevent wasting product. A little will go a long way with this brush! Create a light coverage look or heavier coverage depending on your preference. This is our favorite beauty brush! What are you waiting for? Easily apply your makeup like a pro!

    Stop Wasting Money On Low-Quality Brushes That Are Falling Apart, Hard To Clean, Wasting Your Makeup & Leaving Streaks!

    • Unlike the Competitors' Ferrules Made with Aluminum, Our Unique Copper Ferrule Prevents Bristles From Shedding
    • Hardwood and Top Of The Line Glue Ensures A Long Lasting Life (Since this is a thick-bristle-brush, it is common after a while to need to be re-glued. If this happens, it's an easy fix, simply apply super glue inside copper ferrule and replace the wood handle, allow 24 hours to dry).

    Beautiful Airbrushed Complexion

    • Easy to Use Circular Buffing-Technique Will Provide an Absolutely Flawless Finish. You Can Easily Build the Level of Coverage
    • BONUS: 4 layer deep packaging to ensure your brush arrives in MINTPEAR condition! We have also included a Protective Slip Cover to preserve the shape and life of the Bristles
    • CARE: wash prior to first-time use, weekly thereafter with mild soap, lay flat to air-dry

    Invest In Your Beauty Regimen

    • Save Money! Dense Bristles Prevent Wasting Product
    • Ultra Soft Premium Quality Bristles Perfect for Blending and Protecting Your Skin From Irritation
    • Handmade and Approved to Ensure Performance Consistency
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
    • Add to Cart and Buy Your Brush Today!

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