C Your Youth - Vitamin C Serum 15ml

The Best Acne Treatment Serum

This Serum is for you if you are dealing with: Acne, Large Pores, Sun Damage, Hyper-pigmentation (Dark Spots), Acne scarring, or Aging Skin. Ready to visibly correct all signs of aging and damaged skin with one highly concentrated and Clinically Proven serum?

It’s time to Lighten, Tighten and Brighten with MintPear’s C Your Youth - Vitamin C Serum. A serum that delivers equivalent results to one injection of collagen filler in just 2 weeks.


***15ml Filled in 30ml Bottle. Product should last 4-6 weeks. Use Pea-sized amount PM underneath moisturizer.***

MintPear’s Clinically Proven Vitamin C Serum:


•Evens Skin Tone

•Improves Texture Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

•Boosts Your Natural Collagen Production

•Dramatically Fades Sun Spots, Age Spots, Hyperpigmentation and Melasma

•Improves Firmness by tightening

•Shrinks Large Pores Clears Acne

•Prevents Breakouts, and Minimizes the appearance of acne scars

•Creates a beautiful, radiant and more youthful glow, Revealing a more confident you READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!

Real Results (Below are untouched images from real MintPear Customers):


Leaping Bunny Certified, Free from: Animal Cruelty, Animal ByProducts, Parabens, Sulfates, Fragrance, Dyes, Harsh Chemicals and suitable for vegans.


  • Proprietary Formulations with Patented Ingredients at a high concentration.
  • Surprisingly gentle too - perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Read thousands of testimonials from Actual MintPear Customers who consider this serum to be a game changer in the beauty Industry.

    The MintPear Family cannot wait for you to experience this serum for yourself!


    Vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified


    Check out Gorgeous Jaleesa Moses using MintPear "C Your Youth" Vitamin C Serum!!!


    The aging process naturally diminishes moisture, collagen and crucial skin nutrients, leaving skin dry, wrinkled and blemished. MintPear’s Vitamin C Serum is precision-designed to revitalize aging skin, providing the key nutrients needed to restore skin to its beautiful, youthful appearance.

    Formulated according to scientific research that determines the precise blend of the most effective natural ingredients. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C) makes up a full 20% of this powerful anti-aging serum. Other powerful ingredients includeThyme Extract, Chamomile Extract, Passion Flower, Aloe Vera (a soothing moisturizer packed with beneficial nutrients) and Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant). This product is certified free of parabens, phthalates, GMOs, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances, and is properly pH balanced for your safety. MintPear’s Vitamin C Serum is 100% cruelty-free.

    Check out Gorgeous LaMadelynn using MintPear "C Your Youth" Vitamin C Serum!!!


    How to use: 

    Apply pea-sized drop on clean skin (avoiding eye area) every other night/every night depending on preference, underneath moisturizer or night cream.

    What's normal: Slight tingling and redness may occur from active ingredients, we reccomend to use SPF with this product. Naturally Occurring Odors, you can be 100% confident that MintPear doesn't add any fragrance or essential oils (known to cause hormonal imbalance) to masque ingredients.


    Water, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Propanediol, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Alcohol Denat., Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Phytate, Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract, Anogeissus Leiocarpus Bark Extract, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Methylglucoside Phosphate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Copper Lysinate/Prolinate, Amodimethicone, Carbomer, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Tocopherol, Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Passiflora Incarnata Flower Extract, Porphyridium Cruentum Extract


    Clinical Studies:

    Young skin is supple, firm and elastic; beautiful! Several daily events can destroy the balance and harmony in our skin which causes our skin to age prematurely. Environmental effects like Chemicals, Diet, Preservatives, Cold, Pollution, Sunlight, Stress, Hormones and Medicines disrupt the collagen building process and directly damage the healthy collagen in our skin. Our skin naturally loses elasticity and suppleness as we age as well. Enzymes degrade collagen and elastin in our skin along with aging. Aging usually means less collagens and elastin production which leads to less energy to repair skin.  

    MP-7™ is Mint Pear’s new proprietary cosmeceutical active-ingredient. MP-7™ is the best ‘needle-free’ collagen and elastin filler on the market. MP-7™ is created by a patented, green-chemistry process. MP-7™ contains a safe and pre-activated source of energy for skin which is used to feed aging cells. To reactivate collagens and elastin production, MP-7™ also incorporates the power of Essential Amino Acids and Copper. Amino Acids (specifically Proline and Lysine) play a major role in the production of collagens and elastin that the body is not able to produce by itself. Additionally, Copper also reactivates the correct skin chemistry which is needed to produce collagens and elastin. MP-7™ shows high clinical efficacy within 15 days resulting in visible reduction of deep wrinkles and improvement of skin firmness. MP-7™ is the best solution to create youthful skin. MP-7™ also targets mature skin issues.

    The efficiency of MP-7™ was evaluated in a double-blind test, versus a placebo, under dermatological control. Here are the results from MP-7™: (1) Fibroblast, (2) Collagen and (3) Elastin testing.

    Clinical ‘in vitro’ Fibroblast testing demonstrates that MP-7™ dramatically increases the vitality of both young and aged fibroblasts within 3 days. Aged fibroblasts are enabled to function properly again. Additional ‘in vitro’ testing of MP-7™ was also conducted on the production of Collagen. MP-7™ is proven to increase the synthesis of Pro-collagen. Aged fibroblasts show an even better ratio of production compared to young fibroblasts.

    ‘Ex vivo’ testing on the production of total Collagen with MP-7™ were evaluated on skin explants from a 74 years old donor. Clinical results show that MP-7™ incredibly increases the quantity of total collagen by 6.8% in 11 days. MP-7™ significantly increases collagen I and collagen III synthesis by +179% and +194% respectively after 11 days, versus untreated. MP-7™ significantly increases collagen density by 7.5 times and improves the anisotropy index by 25 times compared to placebo after only 15 days. The results are confirmed after 2 months of treatment.

    ‘Ex vivo’ testing of the production of Elastin with MP-7™ were also evaluated on skin explants from a 74 years old donor. MP-7™ significantly increases tropo-elastin and elastin production by +57% and +190% respectively after 11 days, versus untreated. Fast improvement of firmness and elasticity were proven. MP-7™ increases firmness by 13 times and increases elasticity by 1.6 times in only 15 days. These improvements of skin parameters are sustained after 2 months of treatment. MP-7™ skin is smooth and wrinkles are visibly reduced after only 15 days of treatment.  

    MP-7™ delivers equivalent results to one injection of collagen filler in just 2 weeks: -15% of wrinkles reduction.

    (source American Society of Plastic Surgeons - 2013).

    MP-7™ Visibly Reduces Deep Wrinkles (in 15 days).
    MP-7™ Increases Collagen Synthesis (by 170%).
    MP-7™ Reduces Wrinkles Depth (by 15%) (in 15 days).
    MP-7™ Increases Elastin Production by 57% (in less than two weeks).
    MP-7™ Reduces Wrinkles Volume (by 13%) (in 15 days).
    MP-7™ Increases Fibroblast Vitality (within 72 Hours).
    MP-7™ Smooths Skin (after only 15 days).
    MP-7™ Increases Total Collagen 6.8% (in less than two weeks).
    MP-7™ Improves Skin Firmness (in 15 Days).
    MP-7™ Increases Collagen Density 7.5 times (in 15 days).
    MP-7™ Is an Anti-Aging Young Collagen Booster.
    MP-7™ Increases Skin Firmness 13 times (in only 15 days).
    MP-7™ Firms Skin.  Instant Anti-Wrinkle.
    MP-7™ Increases Elasticity (by 1.6 times) (in only 15 days)
    MP-7™ Re-Densifies Skin.  Anti-Worry-Line.

    MP-7™ Energizes Skin.  Anti-Crows-Feet.

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      Cassie S.
      United States United States

      Very disappointed

      I had a travel size from Ipsy that had been sitting in my drawer for quite awhile. I decided to finally try it and I was amazed how great my skin looked the next morning just after the first application. I ordered a bigger size from y’all and noticed several differences from the sample. The consistency and color won’t the same. The sample was clear and just a couple of drops spread easily over my whole face. The first time I tried my newer one I noticed it had a yellow tinge to it which I know means it’s not good anymore. The consistency was more watery and it took several pumps to apply over my whole face. Overall I’m very disappointed and would like a refund.


      Hello Cassie, I saw your feedback come in, and I feel as though we owe you some additional information. I’m happy to help clarify some of the points you mentioned in your feedback. I want to thank you for your order and for taking the time to send your feedback firstly, long answer short, yes the new formula is absolutely OK and as it should be. Our team at MintPear has invested an incredible amount of time and money in our Vitamin C Serum to get it to where it is today. We knew our C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum was incredible before, however, here at MintPear we are always constantly researching and seeking the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies for our skincare. After months and months of conducting full Research & Development with clinical studies, improved proprietary and patented formulas, we are proud to present: The NEW & Improved C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum by Mintpear! MintPear’s Clinically Proven-Serum, which is highly concentrated with patented & proprietary anti-aging ingredients, instantly lightens, tightens and brightens while improving the overall complexion. Allow at least 4-6 weeks to see wonderful improvements. Our new and improved formula carries an even higher level of active, efficacious ingredients. WHY IS IT BROWN - Does that mean it doesn’t work? The color of the MintPear C Your Youth Serum comes from 2 of the natural raw ingredients: Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract Anogeissus Leiocarpus Bark Extract These 2 raw materials are what make the serum brown (not the Vitamin C). You’ll be happy to know, we do have a newer container that has an airless pump, where it will allow you to easily access the product with 0 waste remaining in the bottom of the bottle. This new bottle will be available via our website within a few weeks, which would be well before you need to re-order (assuming you do continue to use and see the benefits of the C Your Youth Serum). This is a lot of information, but I do believe you deserve as much detail as we can provide. If you do have any additional questions, please be sure to reach out. I also recommend you apply this serum in the PM, underneath something like the MintPear Vitamin Rich Daily Moisturizer or the Rosehip Night Serum also be sure to use SPF while you are using this product, and avoid sun exposure as this is an active product. Thank you again for your support and love, and we are happy to welcome you to the MintPear family!

      United States

      Love this product!!!

      Overall excellent product and customer service!!


      Elizabeth, Thank you for your sweet words, and sharing your review with our community.

      Deborah D.
      United States


      The dispenser does not work properly making it very difficult to get any serum out. A squeeze tube would be preferable like the one included in Ipsy bags.


      Hi Deborah, thank you so much for your feedback and support. You'll be so happy to know, we have great news, we've actually just upgraded the container for this serum and the Collagen Serum! Your next order will be the new airless pump that allows you more control of how much product comes out and gets every cherished last drop.

      Gilda u.
      United States

      need a bigger bottle of serum. HA Ha

      I ;love this serum I do see results. However using it twice a day it does not last long. and I do want to say each time I receive a new serum each one seams to be completely different in texture. Sometimes thick and most time watery. . AS i said I do love it.


      Gilda, we recommend using just a pea size! A tiny bit goes a really long way. We appreciate your feedback!

      Georgann .

      Fountain of youth!!

      Amazing!! Honestly, I noticed a huge difference after the first use of this serum. My face looked smooth, renewed, and felt fresh with a beautiful youthful looking glow! It serves great as a primer for my foundation as well. I must admit that since I started using this product, I have found myself going bare face more often!! Thank you Mint Pear for all your amazing products!

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