MINTPEAR GUEST SPOTLIGHT: Alicia Barry, Professional Makeup Artist

MintPear occasionally get's the opportunity to put the spotlight on some amazingly talented and inspirational individuals. We hope this blog post will encourage dreamers to make a reality and life doing what they love & have passion for. We create an environment that allows our platforms and audience to give advice, positivity and empowerment. Create the life you want to live.
Today on the blog we are highlighting the very accomplished and well reputed Hollywood Makeup Artist: Alicia Barry, who (we are very excited to say) uses our very own MintPear Products. Alicia's upcoming work includes: Dimension 404 which will air on Hulu in 2017. SB Bound staring Josh Peck, Tony Revelori and Andy Samberg which will air in September.
A few familiar faces Alicia has worked with:
We have asked she share her story with us in hopes it will give life to a dream many of you are trying to find a way to break into. We are very proud of Alicia and her many accomplishments. She is a sweetheart and very humble - we had to basically beg her to "brag" a little about herself for this blog post. We are beyond grateful for our friendship and having the opportunity to see her using and loving her MintPear Beauty Products! We can't wait to see where her success leads her next.
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Alicia Barry,
a mother of 2 boys. Has been doing makeup for film for about 2 years now. In high school and college she would do makeup for theater but never took it seriously back then. She studied photography and that's how she started out in the creative world, photographing live concerts. She did that for 7 years. She decided to career change into the beauty industry in order to better support her family. She went to cosmetology school in San Francisco and worked in a salon for about 4 years.  When her second child was born she took a leap of faith and quit her job in order to pursue her original love for makeup. She did fashion shows and photoshoots, until one day she received a call for a makeup artist. It was a request to do makeup for a film by Christopher Coppola! After dedication and following her love for makeup, her big break finally came. She said YES of course without any hesitation. From that day on she has had many opportunities open up to her and she has since been shifting into the film world.
Alicia works both in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
You can check out more beautiful work by Alicia here IMDb: Alicia Barry

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