A common conversation in our home goes something like this:
Feras(my husband):"Rita, what are you in the mood for?"
Me: "Italian"
Feras: "I'm trying to not eat dairy or wheat."
Me: "Yeah, I shouldn't be eating all those carbs anyways."
If you are anything like us, you have a hard time running from your carb cravings and comfort food habits. However, health is a very big part of our life here in the Almusa household. We are constantly making a conscious effort to stick to a strict grocery list of fresh in season produce, legumes and if we do pick up dairy or meat it's mostly all organic. A huge part of my journey for dropping the baby weight this past year has been in part to eliminating processed foods and simple carbs. Yes it is true, we need carbs to survive but it's our responsibility to educate ourselves on the difference between simple and complex carbs. I personally try to eliminate as many simple carbs (Like Sugar, they are the quickest source of energy, as they are very rapidly digested) as I can.
What I have found that has helped me tremendously is being creative. Keeping every meal interesting and healthy at the same time tricks my mind into thinking I'm being spoiled and I can allow myself to indulge. If it's a healthy dish that I've prepared filled with amazing produce and low sodium - I can feel "ok" eating as much as I want of it! It really puts it into perspective when you realize that a typical Italian dinner(as an example) can be over 2,000 calories which is way more than my entire daily intake. So knowing that I don't have "eaters remorse" (lol I just made that up) is rewarding itself. Here's a dish I made last night:
Lean Ground Turkey with Fresh Garlic, Tomatoes over Raw Zucchini. 
What I use to make it:
I have found this thing to come in handy for so many reasons. I can make salads way more exciting and delicious in minutes. I can also completely replace my PASTA cravings with this baby. It's super easy to clean too, which is a BIG deal for this mommy entrepreneur - I definitely do not have time for more messes! This little spirilizer has actually helped me save time during meal prep and my 14 month old is obsessed with his greens I push thru it. 
If you are looking for ways to make it easy to drop weight and keep things interesting and yet quick & simple in the kitchen - you need this baby in your life!
Here's the link below to grab your own spiralizer from Lifestyle Dynamics. #eatclean and feel great. Your skin, body and soul will love you for it.
SpiraLife Pro Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Vegetable Slicer - Zucchini Spaghetti Maker and Recipe eBook Package - 3 blades
Rita Almusa, Co Founder & Owner 


@Cliff you are completely correct. Sugar and carbs can so often be a form of “stress-relief” for many. It takes discipline especially for someone like myself that loves ice-cream! Everyday I make an effort to limit the intake. Thanks for sharing your comment.

Rita, Co Founder & Owner MintPear

Sweets just taste good, too. And that preference gets reinforced by rewarding ourselves with sweet treats, which can make you crave it even more. With all that going for it, why wouldn’t we crave sugar?

Cliff Harkcom

@Chelsea thanks for the tip! We will give cooking it 2-3 min a try. It’s nice to have different textures to mix it up. What other veggies do you commonly use with yours?

rita, Co Founder & Owner MintPear

Love it! We heat the zucchini up for 2-3 mins in the sauce but that’s all it needs. Delish!


Hi Kristen, yes! You can eat the zucchini raw(easy peasy option) or you can cook it in a skillet with a small amount of oil(I recommend avocado oil over olive oil for cooking at high temperatures. Hope this helps!

rita, Co Founder & Owner MintPear

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