MintPear Scholarship Fund!

Our mission is to empower women world wide.
MintPear was founded by husband and wife Feras and Rita Almusa in 2015. They are well traveled, and have experience living in foreign countries and different cultures. Rita, a Master Esthetician & Certified Makeup Artist with over 10 years experience in the Beauty Industry,  was born into the beauty industry with her mother being a makeup artist. She has dedicated her life to discovering beauty in all different forms around the world. MintPear is a part of a major movement to remove race, politics, religion and to cut out the BS around the Beauty Industry’s idea of what beauty means. MintPear is driven by a mission to empower women to be more confident and creative in their own skin wherever they are and whomever they are. Spreading awareness, knowledge and love with their Cruelty Free, Vegan High Quality Beauty Products. Beauty comes in many faces, education is one of them. MintPear's mission is to take a portion of their profits and put them towards education for women around the world. Thank you for being a part of a bigger picture and helping a small business create the opportunity for a more beautiful future for many women worldwide. We love you and appreciate your support. For more information on how you can be a part of the mission and giving back you can email us: -
From the Founders & Owners ,
Rita & Feras Almusa

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