Rosehip Night Serum 30ml


An all natural, pure & organic night time treatment to repair and heal the skin's texture, and over-all appearance. It also smells like a DREAM too! 

Rosehip has been known for:

• Powerful Anti-inflammatory Anti-Aging Blend

Also Known as: "Nature's Retin A" - Roseship is a great source of Vitamin A

• Stimulates Collagen & Elastin for Firmer Skin

• Reduces Dark Spots, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

• Deep Overnight Intensive Moisturizing Treatment

• Read more about the Benefits of using Rosehip Oil during pregnancyhere, always check with your Doctor prior to use.


RENEW SKIN: Apply daily to renew your youthful skin elasticity by fighting free radicals while you sleep. Wake up to a fresher, brighter, smoother complexion.

INGREDIENTS: Pure Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Maraca Oil (Passion Fruit Seed Oil), Tomato Seed Oil, Watercress Seed Oil, Calendula Oil + Lavender Essential Oil.

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

SHELF LIFE: 1 year from purchase date.

WARNING: For external use only. Keep away from flames and high heat. Keep out of reach of children.


Vegan    Paraben-Free    Phthalate-Free    Gluten-Free



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    Donna C.
    United States

    LOVE ❤️ this stuff !!!

    Can’t say enough good things about this liquid gold !!! It’s amazing, smells so good and makes my face feel amazing. I look forward to my bedtime face cleansing routine with your lovely charcoal cleanser so that I can then apply this wonderful night serum!!


    Donna, we are so glad you are loving our amazing products. Thank you for sharing with our community. XO

    Lynn-ann S.

    Hydrating and smells amazing!

    I love this serum! I got a sample in my ipsy bag and ended up buying one for myself and my BFF. I didn't realize how long it would last..I'm still using my sampler!


    Lynn-ann, Thank you for sharing with our community. We are so glad you are loving the serum as much as we do. XO

    Brenna W.
    United States

    Quenched skin

    My skin is smoother and less breakouts since I’ve started using the night time oil. A good add into my skin care routine!!


    Brenna, Thank you for sharing this with our community. We are so glad that you are seeing positive results.

    Caroline C.
    United States


    This product is THE BEST. I simply adore the way it glides on, the effective absorption that leaves my skin feeling fresh, never greasy, and omg people-- the smell!?! Are you kidding me? It is a dream-- fresh, light, clean, and gorgeous. A friend first introduced me to this product through a small sample size that she had and, like the gateway drug it is, I drained that baby and quickly earmarked it for more. You have not heard the last from me, sweet Mint Pear! I will be purchasing your Rosehip Night Serum from now til forever and ever AMEN :) xoxox and all love, CC


    Caroline, Thank you for your awesome review and sharing this with us. We are so glad you love it.

    Maria R.
    United States


    I fell in love with your product, I never thought I was able to get rid of the dark spots in my face, now my face has lighter and I feel much better about my look. Thank you so much amazing product. I now bought the larger size and I am adding to my daily facial routine!


    Maria, Thank you for sharing your amazing results with our community! I am so glad you love our products as much as we do.

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