Detangling Hair Brush


Receive 10 High Quality, Multi-Color Tangle-Free Elastics With Every Detangling Brush! Limited Supplies Available!

Save Your Hair! The solution to detangling difficult hair is your brush!

Stop losing hair with the wrong hairbrush! You must understand the importance of a high-quality hair brush. This friendly, high-quality design, light-weight ergonomically engineered hairbrush gently detangles hair faster, and painlessly. Whether you desire to use it with a leave-in-conditioner or post-shower, this sexy beauty care detangling hairbrush works perfectly well and prevents hair breakage.

The brush that all women need!

One of the most practical hair care products a woman can own. Stimulate hair growth and minimize stress with the multi-level, semi-flexible bristles that message as you brush. This quality product trusted by leading professionals is the best in the market and ensures you lose no more hair and prevents a dry scalp leading to dandruff. Perfect for all hair types, including falling hair. Your secret to a full bodied look could be as simple as the right brush!

Your child deserves a great brush!

Professionally designed to offer the best detangling experience, the long lasting bristles gently massage the scalp and are perfect for your child's hair too! Your child will be delighted with the new ease and painless process. The bristles are even gentle enough to use on a baby's hair! If you have ever struggled with tangled or matted hair, worry no more. MintPear's detangling brush is the solution you've been looking for!

Product Features

  • High-quality brush that MintPear is known for – longer lasting bristles that hold their shape
  • Tangle removing bristles remove tough knots without damaging hair or causing pain like your old brush
  • Bristles stimulate for a healthy scalp effectively reducing dandruff and helping hair grow
  • Lightweight to provide a simple solution to carry in your small purse, gym bag without the extra weighed-down-burden. No more carpal tunnel!! 
  • MintPear's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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"In the two days I've had it, has already reduced my breakage by over half"!

Delivered promptly, packaged neatly, sleek design. At first the brush seemed small, and I was wary of the hard shiny plastic, but as soon as I picked it up it felt very natural in my hand. It glides through my hair, even through tangles. Having long thick hair, it's nice to have something shaped in a way to avoid carpal tunnel. It arrived in time for me to use it right after work, when my hair is at its worst. I rinsed it out and used it again after a shower. Here's the thing. I recently lightened my hair, so my scalp is a touch sensitive and my hair a bit dry. This brush...does not scrape my skin, does not pull my hair, AND in the two days I've had it, has already reduced my breakage by over half! ALL on top of my self-induced damage and literal dirt from work. It does a fantastic job distributing product, and it does better than any comb when used on wet hair. To top it off, the customer service is the best I've had on- or off-line!


This brush is excellent for fine hair

This brush is excellent for fine hair. Especially good for older people, children or the disabled. It will not tie your hair in knots. I like it a lot and a recommended it to others

Austin Lyon

Thank You for this Honest Product

Got this for my girl as an emergency replacement for a 30$ brush that looks normal but this thing seems to have replaced it permanently because she loves this thing. It works better than advertised on the commercials


I tend to feel like I loose a lot of hair while brushing and ...

I have really long hair and a lot of it. I tend to feel like I loose a lot of hair while brushing and this brush really improved the amount of tangling and pulling to my hair that I had with my other brushes. I can tell you my head is much happier with this brush! I was curious if this would really work cause my hair tangles so much at its length and I was pleasantly surprised that it really did make a difference from my last brush.

Scott and Jessica Treweek

You will not be disappointed!

From one mother to another.... this brush is amazing! My 6 year old daughter requested it, her step-sister has one. While brushing her hair we have no tears! I love this brush and I am happy we found it here.

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