1. Use a great moisturizer!

You will see an immediate improvement in the overall appearance of your skin once you begin to use the appropriate moisturizer. Also, keep in mind your skin is constantly changing so if you've been using the same moisturizer for more than 2 years, it is time to mix things up.



2. Use SPF 30+

95% of aging happens from the sun. Let me restate that, 95% of aging happens from the sun. Need I say more?



3. Wash your face at night.

While we are sleeping our skin is repairing, this is the best time for your beautiful skin to get a break. Pack on the vitamin rich night cream and see the full effects. Your pores will appear smaller in the morning, the surface will be smoother and softer. If you have acne this is the most important thing you can do!

4. Use an eye cream.

The eye area is the most sensitive skin area on your body, be aware of how you can help prevent aging. If you are going to spend money on any beauty products - this should be the one. Also, take care in how you apply the cream. Use your ring finger with a light patting motion not a pulling or sweeping one.

5. Consider your neck an extension of your face (don't skip it).

It's the worst when I see clients that have taken such great care of their faces, but have neglected their decollate. This is a true tell-tell sign of your age. Always remember to extend your skin care and SPF products down to your chest area.

6. Wash your Makeup Brushes once a week.

This can be a feeding ground for bacteria and germs. GROSS! Wash 'em and keep em clean. Plus, this will help preserve the life of the brush and also allow you to get the full benefit, since your makeup application will always look better when applied with a clean brush.

7. Keep your hands off of your face during the day.

This is one nervous habit to break. You may not notice, but this could be recking havoc on your skin, possibly causing break-outs in certain areas just from touching your face through-out the day. So try to catch yourself in the act to break the habit.


Author: Rita Almusa, MintPear Co-Founder, Master Esthetician and MUA

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