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by MintPear Beauty Specialist


Yes there is a great solution for this. First of all, we want to make sure you are using the appropriate CC cream for you personally. We recommend trying a few, If you have oily skin you may like the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Second, using our foundation brush to apply the CC cream, will ensure an evenly applied, streak-free and thorough application. Now, to answer your question, the solution is using a great primer. We recommend using a moisturizer, waiting 5 minutes for it to dry, apply primer, wait a few more minutes and then finally apply the CC cream/tinted moisturizer. To really ensure you set your makeup, you can always throw on a little setting powder/translucent powder. We really like “IT Cosmetics” or “Laura Mercier’s” setting powder.

We hope this helps! Please let us know if you try it out and if it works for you!

Your MintPear Team,

by Becky

I have a CC cream I love using but I feel like towards the end of the day my face is fairly oily and shiny. Is there a product that you like to use along with a CC cream to prevent the dreaded over shiny face, especially forehead??? Thanks!!

by MintPear Beauty Specialist


Thank you for your comment! We are so happy to hear that you love your MintPear Products. This is a great question.
We recommend deep cleaning your brush at least once a week to prevent build up and bacteria. You’ll notice you’ll get a much better application with your clean brush as well! You can do this with a mild soap, and repeat the wash about 3 times. Just make sure you keep the bristles faced downward to prevent water going up into the ferrule. You can use the misting cleanser every other use as a sanitation option in between washes as well, but we don’t recommend doing it too often, because the alcohol can be wearing on the bristles. Hope this helps!

by MintPear Beauty Specialist


Thank you for your comment! Ohhh man, if we had to choose only one product we couldn’t leave the house with, it would definitely have to be a really great Tinted Moisturizer. Sunscreen is the most important product of all time to prevent signs of premature aging and hyper pigmentation, so using a CC or BB cream is like a total bonus! Use your Flat Top Kabuki to apply it and BOOM you’re out the door in no time with a flawless application!

P.S. Well shaped Eyebrows come in as a close second! :*

by MintPear Beauty Specialist

Thank you for your comment! We really appreciate your feedback. We are in the process of bringing an amazing Complete Brush Set with all of the brushes you mentioned. We look forward to hearing your review once they are available!

by Jessi

Absolutely love my kabuki brush – I use it every day! But I do have a question – is it better to clean with a misting cleanser after each use? Or should I use several times and do a deep clean and soak? What will help my brush to last the longest? Love your products!

by Laura

I’m not very makeup savvy. What product would you never leave the house without? In your opinion, what makes the biggest difference?

by Mandy

I love all of your products! Your kabuki and brow duo are my faves! I’d love a case for my brushes/make up and additional brushes for concealer, powder, etc. Based on the quality of your current products, I’m looking forward to what’s coming down the line.